the O.D.: spro doze

August 13, 2007 – 1:13 pm

raise your hand if you’ve ever slammed at least 14 shots in one sitting.

this blog finds itself guilty, yet strangely unable to recount hijinks comparable to the british lass. which raises a burning, snobbish question: was it robusta?

UPDATE: british curmudgeon hasbean steve calls “publicity stunt!”

UPDATE: this blog is deeply ashamed. had it known so very many others would blog this item, we would never have touched upon it. that said, we would like to humbly call, “first!”

UPDATE: those cheery commenters over at you-know-who‘s place offer a classy, insightful medical tool — so johns hopkins! — known as the “death-by-caffeine calculator.” this blog, apparently, has nothing to worry about until it nears, oh, 146 espressos. or thereabouts. (side note: what IS it about clicking that “kill me” button that’s just so … uplifting!)