old blog becomes new

August 21, 2007 – 11:46 am

it’s a new blog — quite possibly more kinetic, topically random and hedonistically devoted to white space than ever before!

your bookmarks needn’t change, nor the rss feeds. if they do, then we will flog the toiling blogbrother, whose hours of service created this place, and who purports to have crafted a seamless transition. e-mail me with problems … bszob at bellsouth dot net.

the visual sleight of hand you see up top comes from solis jake, whose design this blog shamefully didn’t even fully grasp until we had gawked at it for awhile. and the junk on the right is now highly streamlined junk! — including the musical grooves to which we may or may not at the moment be listening.

the lengths to which the platform may enable us to, say, execute live web streaming of the cypriot’s new fluid crossover knockbox technique remains to be seen. but it’s an idea.