triple-waveists to the new guy: join our club! please!

September 2, 2007 – 10:01 pm

here’s some more slobbering overstatement for you re: CI‘s quasi-mysterious new commenter “true”: he’s the most. popular. guy. not already equipped with a laminated VIP pass to the specialty coffee echo chamber!

it’s amazing what a little fresh, guileless opinionating will do for an aspiring florida shop owner’s reputation. take jon the barista poet’s genial response … now, jon could be just basking in a fresh perspective — or, he could be working to co-opt the nonconformist with subtle flattery! similarly, is m’lissa merely recounting her day on the bar, or is “true” now being publicly stalked across the southeast?

this blog reports, you decide.

UPDATE: a reliable source says true’s real name just might be “anthony.” also, maybe “herbert.”