keys to cafe success: supporters!

September 7, 2007 – 12:10 am

what does it mean that h&mworldwide swedish purveyor of the fittingest underoos known to man — is coming to octane‘s atlanta neighborhood? it means another reason to frequent big cities we hate (next closest store: d.c.). it means more staggering spro-shop-spro-eat-spro road trip tabs. it means that purchasing our next batch of manshorts won’t involve 16 hours of driving and nick cho’s place, but four hours of driving and chris owens’ place!

knock it off. when they fit like this, any distance is justifiable.

come to think of it, in a booming hipster quadrant of what will soon be america’s worst commuter city … where there will soon be the twin trendy spending draws of h&m and ikea … how is there still only one retail coffee establishment worth visiting (maaaybe two)? how long until batdorf & bronson’s atlanta roastery goes all industrial cafe? someone give those people the cool saturation they want!

wherever there are favored briefs, this blog smells a market opening.

UPDATE: ignore jaime the square. hipness has everything to do with brilliance behind the bar. think manshorts! comfy, swedish manshorts!