September 19, 2007 – 10:41 pm

to state the depth of this blog’s teeth-gnashing chagrin that the blogbrother — and not this blog — is starting his day in copenhagen’s renowned cafe europa would be, well … criminal.


in the interest of totally stomping on his parade, (a) wouldn’t you say this espresso crema looks a bit overextracted? hmmm? hmmmm?


… and (b) this is definitely no wbc-certified latte vessel!


in conclusion, this blog says “pshaw.” also: “hmmpf.” and, lastly, you just know the barista staff was probably the third-string talent. ’cause the top tier is off at this week’s nordic barista cup! tough timing, bro!

UPDATE: ahem:

“We’ve arrived in Gothenburg and checked in to our hotel. Already run into Jens Norgaard of Café Europa and one of the organizers of the event …”

in other words, he ain’t in copenhagen!