trendspotting the nordic barista cup

September 24, 2007 – 10:39 am

potentially revelatory nuggets (to this blog) spotted at the nordic barista cup through the fuzzy lens of these interwebs:

* first there were no nords in this year’s world barista championship final round. then we come to understand that copenhagen’s heavily decorated europa isn’t even spro-centric any more. and now team iceland’s cafe concept of the future goes with clover brewers instead of la marzoccos.

are those trend-setting nords abandoning espresso?

* here’s what the reigning champion of the world’s biggest individual barista competition has to say about team competitions:

“They’re harder to complain about, in a way, you know? You can’t argue that they’re a bad thing.”

that’s telling!

in summary: the future of competitive coffee is team aerobie press-offs! clover stirring technique-a-thons! zen-like circle-sips of strangely good drip coffee!

UPDATE: commenter “true” notes similar, coffee-is-simple-again observations by some other guy. a baseless guess: the broad approach is ultimately driven by consumer tastes. by all accounts, those scandinavians have been swilling the good stuff for much longer. for consumers to savor drip brew as a non-commodity in the u.s. demands truly breakthrough taste — perceptible to an american burger palate, no less. the clover can deliver this, but at what cost? we hereby call for a fold-out pocket version!