like a knife in the dark

October 7, 2007 – 3:19 pm

solis jake wonders: do relatively longer air-roast times demand longer shorter rest periods before the spro blossoms? a scintillating line of inquiry!

UPDATE: the impetus — the new stunning pulped natural el salvador san emilio now on sale for a measly $5 a pound. with now-longer air roast profiles more controlled airflow , solis jake was pulling two-day-old spro and getting … nothing. totally nonoffensive, nonbitter, nonsour watery blankety blandness. like british cooking — yorkshire pudding, say — in your portafilter! this blog’s shot was bizarrely devoid of … characteristics. two days later … subtle fruited combos. floral aromatics.

the haphazardly exhaustive hot-air roasting inquiry dribbles on …

UPDATE: jake sez it was the “long” profiles from nate and this blog that were actually shorter than what he’d been doing all along. his marathon 15-min air roasts required little to no rest, apparently. whereas his shortened roasts — corresponding roughly to what this blog has been calling “long” — tasted blank on short rest, but revealed character with some time alone in the drawer.

if that isn’t as clear as muddy vaseline …