SERBC dispatches: batting .333

October 19, 2007 – 4:01 pm

if you had hauled your wasted self to the floridian peninsula for day one of the SEBRC (this blog has not yet departed) you would have witnessed four out of 12 (edit: four out of nine?) listed competitors turn in viable routines. more from hudgens:

* four no-show/withdrawals — including one from the esteemed murky coffee, though apparently murky boss nick cho (edit: and one other barista) is in the building.

* three disqualified, by going over time — including previous second-place finisher lena abed.

* one tragic routine in which a competitor who somehow arrived without the bulk of her coffee had trouble with her cappuccinos, redid them, then RAN OUT of the few beans she did have in the middle of the gig. walked off stage. end of routine.

word is: mr. sexy foam throws down tomorrow.