SERBC dispatches: blogmobile

October 19, 2007 – 12:10 pm

in the universe of reasons for this blog NOT to attend this weekend’s SERBC, at least five of them are attached to the blogmobile. we’ll be photographing them, post-haste.

UPDATE: your enthusiasm embarrasses this blog. but, ah … herewith the photographic-automotive reasons we shouldn’t be leaving after tonight’s concert previous, unavoidable commitment for an all-night jaunt in the general direction of the SERBC:

logical cause the first: an oil cap melted almost beyond recognition. who’s to say it mightn’t combust?!

logical cause the second: the aforementioned kombucha in the carpet. thanks to kyle larson’s explosive booch, it’ll smell like death adder and fungus the whole way there!

logical cause the third: a rim dinged so badly the wheel cover took flight and the entire assemblage wobbles loudly. we might be reduced to three wheels!

logical cause the fourth: the blogmobile’s dependence on foreign substances. it won’t even take regular oil any more!

logical cause the fifth: those blasted goodyear viva 2s. they leak air so reliably, they’ll be flapping like diseased gums by the time we arrive!

if we arrive…