SERBC: the finalists, for real

October 20, 2007 – 3:26 pm

p5220023.JPG * * shannon hudgens (blue shirt), the underdog du jour of greenville, s.c.’s coffee and crema

* lem butler (black), the previous champion now of of durham, n.c.’s counter culture coffee

* michelle bradicich (blue tee), of apex, n.c.’s pheasant creek coffee

* katie duris (green sweater), of washington d.c.’s murky coffee

* ben helfen (gray shirt) and danielle glasky (white shirt), both of atlanta’s octane coffee

 UPDATE: that’s enough texty cell phone blogging for this blog.

what we have here are all the counter culture coffee-supplied favorites – ben and danielle from octane, katie from murky, previous finalist michelle and former champeen lem – plus greenville’s inimitable first-time competitor shannon hudgens, who had yet to use a la marzocco before this week, who never had solitary practice time and whose espresso is a very difficult terroir kenya. in other words, what we have here is seabiscuit!

word is, shannon’s beans peak on the sixth day after roasting. that would be tomorrow.

the finals begin at 10:30 a.m. this blog being without its own laptop or, for that matter, other people’s money to spend, we will again post cryptic text-message updates from the blogphone. video is planned. pics to come. if we feel like it!