SERBC: danielle rough cut

October 21, 2007 – 11:49 pm

UPDATE: the owens-trained, third-place finisher danielle was so nervous in round one, this blog thought she might ingest some of her ceramic wares. this finals performance marks a substantial improvement in nerves and a sparkling sig beverage idea — a coffee version of a gin martini.

essentially, we’re talking a darjeeling tea and juniper berry infusion, combined with jasmine and shaken briefly with espresso, served in small glasses. she was one of the first competitors i’d seen to load and tamp one portafilter, set it aside, then load and tamp the other one. the handles were then locked and loaded together for simultaneous shottage. she seemed able to stand still while her shots were pulling, touching the handles and watching them emanate — a departure from the nonstop movement of many competitors.

in all, a peppy performance. scintillating. we’re hoping to score a sig at her usual haunt on our way home.