SERBC: lem rough cut

October 21, 2007 – 5:15 pm

UPDATE: to the untrained eye, lem appeared to take fastidious care not to earn himself another nickname. the trademark quirky declarations about blow torches and nemeses and the shapeliness of his milk foam were strangely missing. we blame his employer — that bastion of soulless corporate culture — for homogenizing mr. sexy foam.

otherwise, the dreadlocked barista-come-roaster was the only finalist to go sig-capp-spro, kicking off his routine with honey in the bottom of talls shot glasses, a custom spro on top and a layer of “espresso foam” for a topper, made of cucumber, lemon, ginger and more spro tossed about in a martini shaker. the glassware, he said, cooled the bev to an ideal slightly warm state of being. “dig deep,” said he.

did we mentioned he used the cypriot-favored terra keramik bling for cups?

uh, yum. there’s little else to say from the stands. no latte art on the capps — just quasi monksheads and a custom brazil-ethiopia-double-el-salvador espresso blend. the cuppa now steaming in front of this blog meets lem’s public description in at least one key area: it’s one of those brews that lingers fat and spicy on the tongue, making its smoothness a groovy presence well into the afternoon. we don’t know if it has a name. we’re calling it “alter ego.”

as in, lem’s. nothing flashy. a lot smooth. all good.