SERBC shannon rough cut

October 23, 2007 – 11:49 am

note: the vid cuts off early, for some reason. ’twill be fixed.

UPDATE: you already know what we think about shannon, the mall kiosker from greenville so effusively lauded in the fresh-printed issue of barista mag.

word is, he got low finals marks because the daring espresso he chose to use failed to exhibit adequate, blend-like bitterness. he was also dosing a measly 15 grams in the portafilter — not the way to tag the chocolate-down-pillow profile so highly valued by today’s esteemed definers of espresso. there’s more: it turned out those ridged la marzocco baskets, with which he was barely able to practice, prevented his tamper from fully compressing such a small dose. the result: some uneven extraction in the cup.

and still, he was the surprise contender of the finals. the sig: famously potent blenheim ginger ale with egg whites, raw sugar and cream, shaken with spro. not bad. or nothing short of rousing, if you ask this blog.