the blogwife writes a book, which only happens to loudly debut at the same time as a major motion picture of the same name

November 15, 2007 – 7:05 pm


a writer’s cardinal, cliched uber-rule: remember yer audience. which is what this blog should have done last month when it agreed to a paying barista gig for a wedding reception. first clue: they were italians. who knew they’d want so many straight shots of spro?!

tonight, then, becomes a divining exercise. what do effete, degree-toting, Beowulf-loving literary types swill? i’ll tell you what we swill — snotty, plopping concentra-shots of heart-pounding caffeination! for once, we’re manning the bar for nerds like us. as of tonight, the blogwife is a published author of some repute, and the launch party for The Book is set to be one blurry, coffee-fueled night of dazzlement and speechifying, haute revelry and delirium.

in that spirit, here’s an item of egregious blackmail: buy the wife’s new tome and we promise never to sully this blog with advertising! (hmmm. that sucking sound must be our scant readership, bolting like banshees afire.)

UPDATE: Beowulf Book I, Grendel the Ghastly, it should be noted, has been in the works for years. so, although it does meet the market uncannily the same week as a live-action feature of the same story, it is not a craven spin-off. this is what you read your kids when they’ve had too much spro before bed and need epic literary monster tales to ensure they never sleep again. EVAR. oooh, it’s good.

UPDATE: a more serious offer: posters of the book’s cover image can be had for free, if a bit o’ cafe decor is what you’d like. it’s like a homage to ultimate literary aesthetics and a distinguishing mark from the homogenized mainstream dreck! in one fell swoop! just e-mail me.