CI traverses the ‘misty valley’ of the shadow of death

December 5, 2007 – 11:41 pm

what you need, having wrestled a rapacious u.s. immigration bureaucracy to the ground, only to lose your case, at the eleventh hour, and be forced to dolefully ship home to africa one of your true friends, a person who had been the Upstanding Model of immigrant law-abidingness and cultural contributiveness and who had been eagerly embroiled in a semester of Deep Secondary Study … what you need is the, er, sweaterized ethiopian idido misty valley. sixty pounds of it, the jaw-dropping, gobsmacking, mind-altering stuff, to share with friends and ruminate over and drown your snotty snorfles in.

*sob* she is gone and our faith in the system is well nigh dead and the seasonal cheer, for us, holds only gruesome, flinty daggers. but we have the idido!

using a highly managed hot-air roasting approach, we’ve managed to take this coffee’s blueberry smash in the teeth a bit more subtle, teasing out instead some sort of harvest cornucopia of maple and barley and sweet gum. mildly rustic. juicy. and, after 60 seconds in the cup, completely different all over again.

between this blog and the cyrpriot and solis jake, we have enough sacks of the unroasted product to last us to the spring. might just park it here for a bit, mentally speaking, and refuse to indulge in other marvels. stay indoors. write savagely morbid villanelles. brood the holidays into submission. blarg.