CI lauds your grandma

December 10, 2007 – 1:50 am

now that we’ve thought about it, your grandma is quite possibly a stronger influence on the quality of your coffee than, say, your credentials as a working barista. it’s not about the bar skills, but about the narrative, right? — the riveting coffee story you’re able to deliver to the consumer. as far as this blog can tell, your family matriarch might be a vital piece!

or not. insofar as this blog should have never blundered into an esoteric, echo-chambery discussion on who/what is the least important factor in the seed-to-cup coffee process (ahem: it’s the barista), we humbly apologize and offer an abbreviated, time-saving digest of the key meta-arguments thus far (the rumination continues, believe it or not, here):

* shorter hoffmann: “everyone is special! in fact, come see my petting zoo of identically special coffee laborers!”
* shorter true: “chef, sommelier, music critic, filmmaker — i’ve done it all. also, these things are just like being a barista!”
* shorter tonx: “dust and ashes, dust and ashes. we are all nothing. except for peter g!”
* shorter CI: “i strenuously agree with all of you — because you’re all famous and you read my blog.”