you will be grateful

December 17, 2007 – 2:17 am

recipients of this blog’s seasonal giving often look at us with a seething expression that says, “riiiiiiiight. you gave me coffee because you’ve got it coming out of your tear ducts, and probably overroasted this batch while mindlessly slurping a closeted fungus.”

and yet, giving coffee can be actually sacrificial. because we’ve rarely really roasted enough for them and us. because we’re always insecure, rarely believing we’ve really roasted it right to begin with. (massive tangent for nate the finger to tackle: what’s “right”?) and because we never end up getting my favorite clear valve coffee bags back. which cost, you know, like 50 cents each. also, it forces us to ration. for like. an afternoon.


our carping cratchit conscience having now been assuaged, we will begin appending a note card with each gift that directs the ingrate in question to this very URL. that should do it.