espresso diplomacy saves the season

December 20, 2007 – 12:37 pm

does the notorious panel truck driver have the sweetest business card ever?

this blog doesn’t know why it was surprised. barista-poet jon lewis once said he dreamt of “resolv[ing] international conflict through espresso diplomacy.” he appears to have meant it.

the mailman was cold, and wearing some sort of zipping sweater vesty thing when he flung jon’s envelope on our wooden front-porch pew. within minutes, the blogwife had declared the contents — bumper crop’s microcosm espresso blend the consummate uber-spro, a sort of surprise representation of all her favorite espresso notes. toasted sugar, for sure. non-massive caramel. a wee bit o’ barley, and some sweeter fruits of the earth. the only problem is that lewis has, apparently, stolen all the appropriate words. like “espressence,” or, er, “microcosm.” which leaves us with what?

quintimicrocrux, that’s what.

had a hot date the other night. we drank quintimicrocrux and made out in the green armchair. hosted some of our favorite deep thinkers the other day, for advent observation. it was quintimicrocrux, sacramentally. the cypriot and his lackeys threw down a massive salmon-and-nog party last weekend. the topper: quintimicrocrux. next thing you know, this blog’s entrenched seasonal moroseness was melting away on the floor.

it occurs to this blog that, in order to be a barista-poet, you kinda have to deliver the goods. thanks, jon.