no man comes to microcosm except by jon lewis

December 21, 2007 – 8:05 am

lucey’s innocent comment spurs an epiphany: the barista-poet’s staggering microcosm espresso blend isn’t available on the internet. is there a more notorious third-wave roaster/practitioner whose product can’t be had with the click of a mouse? clearly, this puts everyone at the mercy of jon’s mailbox espresso diplomacy, no? that’s either brilliant, profound or devious — maybe all three!

p.s. yesterday’s jon lewis gusher was the post that tried — and failed — to avoid adding to that genre of blogposts where one emotes conspicuously about the sort of coffee one gets in the mail from well-known movement insiders. now we’re trying to save face!

ahem. did we mentioned the, ah, incredible cappuccino color infusion offered by this blend (we call it quintimicrocrux!)?