CI exhibits non-influence!

January 29, 2008 – 11:37 am

if a lone blog falls silent for a month — in a forest of coffee blogs — does anyone notice? CI says no! it’s been a week since we’ve read anyone else on our beverage subject, and already 101 new coffee blog posts percolate in the RSS reader. we can, er, hardly wait. meanwhile, this blog asks you: where else would you find this kind of time-consuming research into the vagaries of our navel-gazing community? silence can be a public service!

alas, presidential politics has of late eaten this blog’s life and its home state. you might have heard a bit on the subject of our fracas. the cyclone having moved on, however, we return to our nonjournalism on the safest, most nonpartisan subject imaginable! … oh, wait.

hack imagery, a guest post by the blogwife and irreverent dispatches from our road correspondents to come …