paper or more paper?

February 14, 2008 – 8:14 pm

a hopeless aesthete coworker and recent home spro bandwagon getter-onner wonders: how environmentally obtuse can it be to sell high-end, earth-sensitive coffee in 12-oz. bags?

(a) people are accustomed to buying coffee by the pound. (b) as such, they have coffee habits built around this unit of measure. most standard drinkers i know can easily make a pound last a week. 12 measly ounces, not so much. (c) packaging and, presumably, shipping costs go up with the smaller bags — for both the seller and the buyer. which (d) leaves you with less of what the earth produces and more of what we will soon plow into the, you know, earth.

we can think of a few triple-waveists doing the 12-oz bag thing. the coworker’s polemic made us realize: we’ve always hated it, in a vague, that-crema-doesn’t-look-natural sort of way. now we have reasons!

p.s. in a display of his profound preference for one-pound bags, the same coworker now frequents retail users of the coffee he wants, and asks to buy a pound. they’re happy to break out a generic 16-oz. baggie in order to make a sale …