obscure spro goes glossy

February 27, 2008 – 3:16 pm


spro purveyors to whom we kow-tow — two of them — get the full feature treatment in the new issue of imbibe magazine. just desserts for hinterlands coffee laborers everywhere, if you ask this blog … but particularly for the barista-poet and greenville’s hudgens. we’re deeply apologetic for marring their foray into the kleig lights by being quoted. we blame the esteemed author!

p.s. actually, the march/april issue makes a handy layman’s primer to the third-wave coffee pecking order, no? there’s the adoring, double-truck photo spread of the ubiquitous nick cho‘s face — from multiple angles! — the interior feature art involving perennial barista competitor jon lewis and his truck, a subsection introducing hudgens to the world, and just over a graf of riffy supporting material from your bloviating blog.

it’s like a specialty coffee meta-narrative in one glossy issue!