forget those third-party competition bloggers

March 2, 2008 – 4:51 pm

is it just this blog, or is what we all want from the unfolding mountain regional barista competition (we snorking, angst-addled, competition fanboys) a forehead-mounted webcam from the barista-poet come blogger while he competes? you know, jon lewis performing live a la radiohead — “lookit me! i am the perpetual epicenter of your viewfinder!”

now that is a rock star spro competition we would watch through the night …

UPDATE: lewis, of course, now has a very good excuse for not having bothered with such quibbles. he was focused on winning! which sort of begs the question: could anyone else have faithfully blogged a regional competition, won the thing, and maintained his chokehold on the title of Barista Perceived Most Humble This Side of Lilliput?

also, did barista centerfold nick cho really just compare him to barack obama?!