hoffmann watch redux

March 3, 2008 – 8:10 am

if, like this blog, you’re studying world champeen barista james hoffmann’s triumphal east coast concert tour, what pokes you in the eye is the conspicuous open date in an otherwise shoehorned-full event schedule. so, lessee, the cover boy is in charlotte on the 12th and atlanta the 14th, with — what?! — a bare open date in between??

what could this mean? is this a scheduled deep south down day for pouring absurd latte art in a bowl of collard greens? or is there some little-known outpost in the south carolina hinterlands that might attract his attention? what’s that you say? which foothills city is conveniently located exactly halfway between atlanta and charlotte?!?!?! let’s go to the map, boys!

stunned isn’t the word.

p.s. we should note here that this blog’s coincidental place of residence has no bearing whatsoever on this bit of investigative reporting. still, the man’s girlfriend bizarrely used to live here, once proclaiming greenville to have “a huge place in my heart“! any other moons we need to be lining up here?

UPDATE: hoffmann commits! we’re going to have to start chipping the dried milk foam off th’ steam wand, you know?