CI looks a gift horse in the mouth

March 18, 2008 – 10:12 am


you might think the generous opportunity to crash with the blogwife at a certain east coast coffee juggernaut’s atlanta training center for a night would lull us into complacent, insidery back-slapping mode. you’d be wrong!

in another periodic bursts of bloggy public service journalism, this blog’s secret cameras bring you these shocking images from the high-powered coffee locality, where espresso and brewing standards, one hopes, would be at their highest. alas, it was difficult to fall asleep once these scenes were seared on our brain.

a forgotten espresso puck — left in the portafilter all! night! long!

five-pound bags of the good stuff — standing! open! for literally hours!

in related investigative work, this blog’s home espresso machine strangely stopped operating almost immediately after the champeen came through. the heating element, it seems, is suddenly kaput. obvious initial theory: hoffmann pilfered it! so lessee, that’s a total of one spoon, one heating element and a lot of sleep lifted — that we know about so far.

indeed, keeping our eyes glued to the fellow in atlanta, we managed to come up with the following photographic evidence:


well, ok, it’s hard to see. but there’s flatware in them gargantuan british bum pockets.