stuffy brit stud stuffs south carolina!

April 4, 2008 – 1:26 pm

it’s not hard to tell which part of hoffmann’s roaring east coast victory tour he enjoyed least. hint: it’s the two-town leg he has yet to blog about — more than three weeks after it happened. conspicuous!

p.s. you could argue, of course, that this blog’s involvement in greenville and atlanta made things less than memorable — scarring, even. in which case things might be overly memorable, no? but apparently not bloggable …

UPDATE: hoffmann, it seems, has “been rather unwell.” not too ill to read blogs, mind you. only to write them. hmpf! also, he seems kinda popular.

UPDATE UPDATE: then again, even counter culture’s glossy trip report has been out for more than a week. turns out hoffmann blogs about as rapidly as he pours latte art.