at last: spectatorship

April 30, 2008 – 9:43 am

if this blog were going to embark on long-awaited, long called-for total live-blogging blanket coverage of the biggest u.s. coffee event of the year, it might go ahead and start, you know, posting stuff. so that real people — forum surfers, casual blog readers, non-insiders — might get some notice! otherwise the effort skews toward the groupies …

specialty coffee is six years late using the interwebs for meaningful convention outreach — no need to wait any longer!

p.s. ah, live streaming video of the national barista competition — a fabulous idea. we had hoped to break similar ground at this year’s southeast regionals … until the event turned out to be not so conducive. here’s hoping it comes with live chat functionality! p.p.s. also, something resembling an independent voice. (who is this erin meister team member? our only hope for a non-insider coverage provider, that’s who!)

UPDATE: is it just this blog, or is the competitor list somewhat staggeringly stacked with talent? three previous national champs in the mix and, say, 12 who could easily take the cake, no? join this blog in heartily blurting, “sparky.”