usbc: chip shots

May 4, 2008 – 1:35 am

breathless, knee-jerk reaction after a day-trip to the coast leaves this blog doing wee-hours competition catch-up: that’s it?!

actually, no. th’ feeds, we’re swimmin’ in ‘em.

* noted: that blogging spasmodic girl is playing all five scaa bloggers to a draw, when it comes to value-added hilarity. “solid and woody” indeed. also, “pudding-like body.” the blogette’s secret sauce: hotel pool?

* those semi-finalists: eight of them — fully one-third of the next round — come from within a two-hour stretch along lake michigan (UPDATE: well, ok. they’re affiliated with establishments in that nexus). the only solace: someone else wins.

* we know one thing about octane’s danielle, who leaped into the round of 25: her spro is somewhat microcosm-esque. (yes! another gratuitous homage to the barista-poet in absentia!) a smidge of the stuff left at our place last month wowed this blog with light, malty sweetness, like a frothy shake with toasty sugar spikes and scents of the berry of rasp.

* tomorrow, this blog and c-n-c’s shannon hudgens finally join in the USbc — as in, just us! at a coffee bar! trying to one-up live streaming competitors on teevee with impromptu sigs and heaping doses of solemn pretension!