CI models what it hates!

June 7, 2008 – 3:43 pm

truth is, this blog stumbles erratically and self-loathingly toward the well-worn narrative arc of most junkie coffee sites. broad, anything-goes enjoyment gives way to self-conscious issues blogging, which segues to Matters Only of Very Great Import posted on the internets. the more we experience, the less we share.

which is not what this blog wants to be when it grows up. shucks, this — bloggy navel-gazing — is not really what should be. in the end, it’s the self-sopping that drags down all of those formerly enlightened places.

so, frankly, it’s not just the presidential visits and mindless brouhahas that bog us down. it’s schizophrenia, in its purest sense.

help this blog.