loquacious brag week: primavera’s harar

August 25, 2008 – 10:51 pm

we don’t care that these taste descriptors are meaningless to you — other blogs brag about their coffee spoils all the time! and so, we hereby parlay an unprecedented stretch of excellent brew — a home junkie’s full house — into an ENTIRE WEEK of loquacious gloating. amorphous crack-metaphors for the romantics, cupping notes for the serious students and a 17-point scale for the churlish analytics!

** primavera’s ethiopian harar was the sort of rocket shot from nowhere in alabama that transfixed all the more because of that context. the barista-poet brought it, recommended it and nodded mystically while drinking it. always a good sign!

unlike more bodacious harars, this stuff offered not the classic rockin’ blueberry, but more of a toasted berry vanilla and warm blankety bread slice comfort sip. maybe some husky prune hints. anyway, it was good. a 14. like a hot fruited milkshake that sort of makes you elongate your swallows — for extended tastiness enjoyment! or something.

buy some, for kicks. if it makes you feel better, they associate with atlanta’s octane and listen to sufjan.