loquacious brag week fortnight: ccc’s el puente, gaturiri

September 2, 2008 – 12:27 am

we don’t care that these taste descriptors are meaningless to you — other blogs brag about their coffee spoils all the time! and so, we hereby parlay an unprecedented stretch of excellent brew — a home junkie’s full house — into an ENTIRE WEEK FORTNIGHT of loquacious gloating. amorphous crack-metaphors for the romantics, cupping notes for the serious students and a 17-point scale for the churlish analytics!

blogging while enamored

** counter culture’s honduras finca el puente is pleasingly subtle — as opposed to maddeningly subtle … not unlike its farmers, actually, a couple of virtuosos whom this blog once met and whose personalities are now inextricably linked to our image of this velvety excellence.

a hard-water cupping unleashed the juicy plum, the fig and the slippery elm — the soft, plush and gradual taste experience leading them to dub this brew the “purple princess.” it demands your attention, your pause upon slurping, but then rewards this silence with definite and rich pleasures.

a soft-water french press brought more of an edge, oddly enough, with a light tangerine spritz, watermelon, toffee and lime. a 15.

** the kenya gaturiri, by contrast, offers a lot up front, and shape-shifts without warning. not nearly as fruity as the stuff we had from hoffmann’s hands last march, but still a sweet-ish dried fruit aroma, maybe with some powdered sugar dust on the front of each whiff.

if we hadn’t cupped it with a raging bell-pepper sumatra, we might have thought this was all over the sweet pepper end of things. as a result of comparison, however, we ended up calling it light, sweet zucchini on the back of the tongue, that steamy breadiness included. wet aromatic tobacco. prune. 12-ish.