loquacious brag week fortnight: novo’s la alondria

September 3, 2008 – 11:27 pm

we don’t care that these taste descriptors are meaningless to you — other blogs brag about their coffee spoils all the time! and so, we hereby parlay an unprecedented stretch of excellent brew — a home junkie’s full house — into an ENTIRE WEEK FORTNIGHT of loquacious gloating. amorphous crack-metaphors for the romantics, cupping notes for the serious students and a 17-point scale for the churlish analytics!

** novo’s colombia la alondria is more like it! less ignominy, more pleasure. and possibly the first coffee whereby our own scribbled taste impressions ended up matching 100 percent of the roaster’s descriptors — still, there are only two!

buttery caramel, for sure. also, some light, agreeable spice … we’ll call it purple sage. not a knockout coffee, but all the more enjoyable after the jarring grassiness omnipresent in its other significant colombia. in other words, it was our rebound relationship, an adequate palate cleanser when it was needed most. and a 12.

meanwhile, (pant, pant) we tire of the coffee reviews. have we really swilled this much of note? are we more spoiled than our tapeworm? can we buy our soul back from the devil, in exchange for all this easy review filler? we see now why other blogs do it!