this week in c-n-c: korate shop

September 10, 2008 – 8:42 am

like a teetotaler’s bar epiphany, this blog and c-n-c‘s shannon had a few shots of the korate berry-stew espresso in the gullet when the giggling and idea-mongering began to burble out. hey, this blog snorted, we could karate chop a random passer-by every 30 minutes! while screaming, “ETHIOPIA IS THE BIRTHPLACE OF COFFEE!” korate viral marketing!

at least, that’s how we remember the conversation. next thing you know, solis jake is involved and shannon’s mall kiosk is festooned with uber-posters promoting the whole bean. wait, what?


simple, massive taste illustrations to grab your attention. pithy endorsement quotes, just like the movies. an attached, explanatory placard proclaiming, “it’s coffee,” to drive home the point. it’s coffee, yes. staggering, jiggy and snorkalicious coffee, if you ask this blog.

we understand that mall patrons are having difficulty passing by without a gawk or two.