CI foolishly plots a course

October 28, 2008 – 8:49 pm

in truth, we’ve been coffee blogging at a pace to slacken the jaw these past weeks — the posts, they just never made it out of our head!

there’s a windy, research-driven tome on water idling somewhere in the frontal lobe, about how the minor tweaks in water hardness do wonders for your spro. there’s a hearty screed waiting in the wings on the miserable lack of roasting help online — a void made more pronounced by how MUCH you can learn about, say, latte art and other madd barista skillz on these here webs that be interconnected. there’s the lurid pic of someone’s coffee-stained bicuspids (gonna be great!), a crotchedy review of that one-pound home roaster everyone bought and regretted, video proof that a past world barista champion secretly foments disdain towards the current world barista champion …

you get the drift. but if this episodic place of hackery is truly about fabulous coffee colliding with real life, then, well, what you get is sometimes a constipatory backlog due to complications stemming from the fire one started in the kitchen with one’s loaner roaster. and then the cascade of hades that followed, ranging from the maddeningly mundane (where DID those blogchildren put our shoelaces?) to the near-catastrophic (our vintage scooter broke down, in an intersection, and soaked this blog’s work tie in no less than a quart of premixed gasoline, necessitating Constant Mechanical Attention every evening for a period of weeks, &c, &c.).

so cheers to you! we’re now plodding through 14-hour work days in an effort to put in our mandatory time early enough to drive toward the barren midwest for the dully named “coffee conference.” oh, but the speakers! the topics! the promised presence of the madman, the barista-poet and nate the finger! unlike more festive coffee bashes, you’d be reasonable to expect deep reflective discussion on the, er, “moral, social and economic life of coffee.”

indeed. and we’ll barrel through the blackness toward that crucial swing state in effort to convince anyone we can to rethink a vote for the mavericky fighter pilot OR the changey hopeful inspirer and vote, instead, for coffee.

what’s this: 115 unread coffee blog posts in our RSS reader? they can’t all be caragay, can they?