dominy’s patrociny!

November 10, 2008 – 11:20 pm

hudgens approaches a gravy-train of rancilios.

this blog breaks briefly from its mind-bending contemplations on the economic morality of the brew to note the extreme oddity — EDIT: the distinct charlotte-ness — of saturday’s barista bash. it’s not just that the southeastern scene is growing … it’s that it’s getting more diverse.

it could’ve been that the gregarious host won his own latte art smackdown (outpouring certified champions along the way), or that one extraordinarily, staggeringly, off-his-gourd drunk competitor severely tested our poker faces, or that mr. sexy foam himself was manning the party turntables or that this blog’s own free pour left such a vast chasm of longing between our lump of foam and the term “latte art.” in any case, we’ve never exeprienced a coffee party like it!

it wasn’t a “pour” we did, actually. more like a glug. suffice to say we were brand new to those rancilio steam wands and displayed our malpractice with commercial jet steam in general, flopping down some aerated milk like so much phlegm and sea-foam. meanwhile, greenville’s hudgens produced a doozy and held the lead much of the night, before taking third place behind two vets of this genre: ben helfen and jason dominy.

dominy, the exuberant booster of the charlotte coffee scene, is clearly attempting to extend what is a nascent community in these southeastern hinterlands. he’s got a loose coalition of shops to work with — those called “dilworth,” around charlotte, plus some indies — and appears to believe that this is a group that could thrive from more communal ties. props to him. and his new $700 home espresso machine. this blog has always firmly believed that, if you’re nervous about throwing a party, just make sure you win the grand prize! (EDIT: dear commenters, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with this, the end.)

helfen emcee’d, the blogchildren lolled agreeably on one of the sofas, lemuel twisted and blasted away and this blog left hoping that this sort of thing ends up pushing people toward more excellent brew. sped home, chomping our gum in a rapid-fire, can’t believe-all-that-just-happened kind of way, checking out the leonids and occasionally weeping at the thought of our over-toasted latte glug.

we suspect there may be some video surfacing soon on dominy’s page. and the circle expands …

dominy’s two lips! (fun fact: the fellow looks daily at a poster of finely thrown latte art, and asks, “what would chris owens do?”)

hudgens amazes!

helfen’s near-miss.

it’s not our fault you can’t see lem butler throwing an uber-secret insider coffee gang sign in the murky reaches of the ‘tay.