CI‘s coffee moralizes the morning commute!

November 17, 2008 – 12:19 pm

this blog readily admits ways in which our concern for coffee at large falls short:


faced with a steaming, forlorn cuppa left on the bumper of an suv in morning traffic, this blog zoomed close to discern the brand — something along the lines of “french joe”! — and then, calling upon its evolved philosophical underpinnings, opted not to alert the driver.

justified taste snobbery, or a colossal failure to advance coffee consumption as a whole? this blog reports, you decide.

UPDATE: and perhaps even this post fails to adequately portray our moral self-righteousness! it’s true that we saw the cup and then sped diabolically away — but not before snapping this picture for triumphal use here!

UPDATE UPDATE: alas, had our sideview mirror not crept into the frame, we could have claimed here that we were riding the blogscooter on this morning commute. in order to, you know, cement our bulletproof feeling of moral superiority!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: sparky. the weight of our strenuous holy rectitude is really wearing on this blog …