silence, blogged

February 2, 2009 – 12:37 am

the absurdly long holiday sabbatical (what is this blog, french?) involved more 25-person spro bashes, in-home roaster fires and vacant periods of zero-coffee-blog consumption than you are wont to be interested in. then there was the comments section, which continued to unspool, dripping with irony, through the dry weeks as if we’d never left.

we’ve discovered that if we let the unread coffee blog posts pile up in our rss reader — past 127, say — they start to disappear. goodbye, guilt! also, when you’re known to your acquaintances as a boil-brained coffee knave, there’s no telling what kind of gifts you might get:


the lever machine is now reconditioned. the southeast regional barista competition appears to be in swing, five months later than usual. and the blogfamily, with their shocking third-world coffee habits, have come and now gone. maybe we’ll see you around.