this blogpost: 27 stars!

February 4, 2009 – 10:55 pm


and so the surreptiti-blogger tacy made a rather pointy point while this blog was out about the black hole that is … well, it’s a black hole. thus lacking basic tenets of existence. and the hole that is, currently, black might otherwise be described — if it did exist — as a real authoritative resource on which to base your espresso purchases. a junkie’s black book of spro. an “espresso review,” if you will.

shockingly, this blog finds itself in abject agreement. alas, tacy’s blog seems only to want our cash tips, not our nods and comments.

perhaps many willing drinkers don’t immediately hew to the idea of quality coffee because quality is so elusive. not only does it vary within a single cafe, from barista to barista, but it varies amongst those espresso blends that this loose coalition of internet junkies recommends as “good.” much of this seems based on buzz. why not something a wee bit more empirical?

of course, taste is contextual. this blog can almost guarantee that your spro will taste worse if you’re studying for an exam about sock-drawer fungus, for example. still, we might just venture out and pay exorbitant shipping fees for a pound of someone’s ballyhooed house blend if a trusty rating agency told us it was, say, “better than cats! five thumbs up!”

we nominate standard & poor’s. oh, wait.