reasons to marry

February 8, 2009 – 3:06 pm


then again, coffee reviews can be too easy. blog filler, often. which is why we’ve quarantined most of our ongoing taste impressions to the twitter feed to the right. always a good exercise for this blog, the 140-character limit.

an exception to this policy: when an espresso sits in your mouth like a shimmering peach compote and goes down the same. there was the feel of the layer, which was thick and compote-esque, then the thin-and-delicate taste, which we initially assumed was peach. conflationary error! instead, the sweetness was stronger. it glimmered louder. a musky cantaloupe? a light-toned papaya? shucks, rambutan?

this was of course the special-release matrimony coffee shipped by those zombies in advance of their march nuptials. what an invite. also, what was it saying? twas a honduras gem, from the moreno family, of high-altitude pacas and bourbon coffees. pulled, as we are wont to do, as a cool espresso — 1.8 ounces in 27 seconds at about 200f.

“sweet,” “soft” and “stonefruit,” the label said. and how. with a base of nutmeg swirling underneath and ice cold mountain flars floating on top. to us, it said, “worth getting married over.”