SERBC: CI hunts a mascot

February 22, 2009 – 12:13 pm

and so, you tell us, the southeast regional barista competition needs a mascot? some sort of ubiquitous presence with a cherubic face, representative barista hair and an adorable proclivity for nervousness on behalf of the competitors? huggable and pettable? universally esteemed? pedigreed?

this blog thinks it might have just the character:

mascot candidate ben helfen, with champeen danielle, chat up last weekend’s emcee. he’s a central character!

hopelessly nervous! note that ben here is ABSORBED with spiritual supplication, while behind him katie duris looks anxious in a heh-heh sort of way, and the girl in the background … not so much!

mascot ben: “arrgh!” the girls on the right: “ahh, whatevs.”