sigh. sip. sigh.

March 9, 2009 – 11:18 am

if you’d spent the weekend on the bed with the blogchildren, mouths agape and venting stale fanboy fumes in the general direction of the u.s. barista competition live feed, you also might reasonably recover — and console yourself that liquid swords aren’t for breakfast — with that hand-built colombia 3-star espresso.

this blog’s devotion to the coffee is growing downright hyperbolic.


having obsessively twittered — or tweebled, let’s say — our taste impressions, we can authoritatively assert: nougat! also, soft overripe apple (in a way that you want in your, uh, spro cup). plus, terrasage in the misty finish.

what’s more, this coffee had to deal with, you know, FARC. heroic!