bogota possibly teetering between jon lewis, iron maiden

March 10, 2009 – 9:35 am

we’re sure that barista-poet jon lewis didn’t mean to start an iron maiden riot on his first trip to colombia. but hey, he’s new to this cup of excellence gig. give him a break!

lewis, of course, is in colombia for this week’s national coffee competition as CoE’s newly installed “membership liaison.” sources tell CI that he actually saw the iron maiden airplane on the bogota tarmac. (first of all: TEH IRON MAIDEN! TEH IRON MAIDEN! secondly: don’t look, jon! you’re here to liaise with, you know, members!)

within hours, police were arresting “malcontents” who wanted concert entry “without tickets.” coincidence? we think not!

the only way out of this mess, as far as this blog can see, is if jon could somehow claim he was safely ensconced at the time in front of his computer screen, watching the united states barista championship … hmmm. looking at the time stamps, it’s a plausible alibi!

UPDATE: key quote:

rioters will have to “assume the costs of the stoplights and traffic signs that they damaged without just cause.”

stiff! still, this policeman seems to be implying that there could, indeed, be a “just cause” for tearing down traffic lights. in colombia, this may be true! and so this blog asks you, if a band of heavily haired, jangly-armed 1970s british rockers isn’t just cause, then what is?!?!