CI loves loathes the latte arts

November 4, 2009 – 1:30 am


hard to know why latte art competitions persist, when nearly all the highbrow participants seem to be rolling their eyes, playing halfheartedly along and, hey, winning cool stuff! maybe that’s the answer.

just in time for all the conflicted self-loathing, this blog has managed to pour itself into contention a couple times on real-life, beefy, tubular commercial steam wands. now feeling like a conflicted member of the club: “meh. latte art. we do it sometimes. to stay awake.”

but now with coffee and crema’s polished monthly bash on hiatus until next year and our trips to atlanta all used up for awhile, there’s hardly a good pour-off for us to pretend not to want to enter! except maybe that charlotte jam thing.

vital hipsterish questions when considering attendance: will this crowd be, you know, overeager? will they hate themselves enough for doing this milky thing that they do? do they have a totally ironic superhero logo and cheesy, self-flagellating graphic design? will there be mullets?

regardless, this blog advises you not to commit too early. it’s bad form, like shaving daily.

we can pour teh latte arts, just not take teh pictures.