the general environs according to blogchildren

November 23, 2009 – 11:38 pm

thought experiment: let’s say the assignment in your progeny’s geography class is to make a map from your house to grandma’s house — a rough map, let’s say, composed of basic landmarks along the way. and let’s say that ALL the landmarks included in the map drawn by your offspring, fruit of your loins, were coffee-related establishments.

question is, would this be your fault? should you, as a parent of eclectic tastes (no, really!) be embarrassed? most disturbingly, is this cause for intervention by the department of social services?


… not that we frequent these establishments, really. but still, it would appear that they somehow register more strongly on the grade-school psyche than both bruster’s ice cream AND sophia’s house. this blog dearly hopes you do not tell anyone about this.