CI auditions for in-flight barista

November 21, 2011 – 8:49 am

flight back from london and monaco: ask the flight attendant for hot water, stealthily squeeze the porlex from the carry-on and start grinding a little stash of square mile coffee.

in truth, a pack of kantan drippers was the only way we stayed sane in england. turns out, these tea-loving peoples stock an electric kettle in every hotel room. #perfect.

but the plane, this was another matter. for one thing, terrorism precautions mean that boiling water is prohibited. more terrorist precautions mean you’re likely to get snagged at the security scanner for the sleek, metal, tubular device in your bag (this happened). and there’s the good chance that the mere act of loudly hand cranking a grinder full of crunch while trying desperately to appear nonchalant will also invoke terrorism precautions.

ultimately, hottish water was procured. the flight attendant was intrigued. the cabin filled with aromatic waft. and before long, this blog was serving costa rica naranjo to the flight crew while they poured the standard swill for other passengers.

it’s doubtful anyone was fooled. but this blog had to draw the line somewhere. that would have been a lot of kantan drippers.