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tough love from CI

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

not what you like to see on the home bar of the entremanurial chicago blog-brother: proof of fervency or inexcusable shot ruination? this blog reports, you decide. trust us, bro: this hurts us WAY more than it hurts you. (inexplicable CI kindness alert: we deliberately chose not to publish photos of ...

alterra: the anti-wisconsin

Friday, January 12th, 2007

milwaukee's alterra: trippily good -- except for the shift manager! it doesn't cast a favorable light on this blog to admit that we hadn't mapped milwaukee's establishments of merit in advance. it's, you know, milwaukee. but the discovery was all the more scintillating when, cruising along lake michigan, we saw the ...


Monday, January 8th, 2007

the depths of yesterday's morbid bloggy myopia, explained here!

jaunt, previewed dolefully (go away)

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

proving that an elongated road-jaunt need not go entirely without detours toward superlative coffee nexuses, this blog is once again headed into the soul-less midwest (so soul-less, in fact, the people there need both james lileks and garrison keillor to defend the region on a full-time basis) for shot-poundage, baby! ...

SERBC: how we did it (this explains a lot)

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

sad but true: caffeine's counter-soporific wiles hold no clout over this blog. there's simply too little blood in our caffeine system. add our unshakeable tendency to drift while driving, and you get a dire need for alternative stimulants on the road. seriously, we have occasionally resorted to the extreme periodic ...

SERBC: slow-blogged scraps

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

nagging serbc remainders, bulleted for easy culling. * exhaustive coffee innerneck trollers already know that this blog's primary spro-progenitor is profoundly broken -- not unlike a barista competition! no, wait. the comparison applies to the other machine, the antiquated levered wonder that requires a painstaking amount of wiping, bleeding and ...

SERBC: no need for this blog’s word pictures

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

get your exhaustive southeast regional barista imagery here, produced by people with a supremely better vantage point than this blog. extra credit: find daryn berlin's egregiously branded steaming pitcher! also: lem's granny specs and flame-throwing device. and lastly: alarming signs that some repeat competitors just don't get it.

competition backing: the economic analogy

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

roughly on par with its usual logical pace, this blog just discovered what it REALLY meant to say about, you know, larded corporate zombies winning all the barista competitions. slog through all 72 76 77 80 88 89 comments, or go straight to the economic analogy! this blog is calling ...

SERBC: the lost footage

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

through a miracle of digital retrieval this blog cannot begin to fathom, the cruelly lost video footage of this weekend's serbc has been, er, "found." the resulting public service almost moves this blog to tears. alas, you've read the performance notes -- now live the finalist routines yourself in vivid, ...

SERBC: word-picture recap

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

clearly, this blog should learn its lesson and never write anything serious again. from here on out, it's only innoculating self-ridicule and vague, unassailable snark! still, there are transformational barista performances to relay. thus, in a totally craven effort to run for cover and make everyone happy with us, we ...

SERBC: buying the presidency

Monday, September 25th, 2006

someone wondered aloud a mere five months ago if the prospect of sleeper barista champions was dwindling with the times. of course it is. you know the drill: to be a champeen barista person, it takes dedication! passion! a calloused distribution finger! and money, it turns out, is the proxy ...

SERBC: your stark-raving apology, right here

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

there's crow. and then there's your large-breasted, turkey-sized raven, fluffed to the size of nick cho's hair, embalmed with liquified mr. crow, marinated in compote de crow-chick and basted in its own nest. i'll take a full helping of the latter, with some jus de crow as a digestif. because despite ...

SERBC: Showing Dan Kehn how it’s done

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

SERBC winners: 1. Nick Cho 2. Daryn Berlin 3. Lem Butler UPDATE: we weren't going to bother with the live-blogging ... until a certain rival junkie started gloating that he was going to "beat me to the punch." placed a call to friend jake, i did. let him hear the results over the ...

chest thumping, part trois

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

did we mention that we're obtusely bent on getting to the serbc today? even though it rained in our car, and the morning kick-starter is being levered as we speak in soul-piercing darkness?

chest thumping, part deux

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

still more gratuitous signs of this blog's indefensible dedication in getting to this weekend's serbc: that grass if off the chizzain. we will, however, NOT be mowing it this weekend.

the tortuous ordeals at which this blog will not stop …

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

... in order to get to this weekend's southeast regional barista competition. assuming the other strut doesn't blow, and the detours to charleston and clemson don't devolve into disaster, and i get my video camera back, and its emaciated batteries hold up, why, then i'll post video of sunday's final round. ...

our far-flung correspondents

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

reader mikep sends this image to remind us why our recent fixating junket through the midwest fell far short of comprehensiveness. mike helpfully annotates the image here, identifying the sliver o' scalp behind the la marzocco as usbc finalist fritzen himself. it's like having our very own lurking paparazzi in bloomington, ...

CI says: go to muddy waters

Monday, July 24th, 2006

best brew yet outta muddy waters, the gutsy charleston, sc, start-up joint (gutsy because it's a beverage-focused place, with nary a sight of the profit-inflating flakes of charbuckian dough). the title "south carolina's best" is increasingly deserved, though technically it earned the moniker upon opening its doors and tamping with ...

this blog … doth it protest too much?

Monday, June 5th, 2006

the bitter juicy dregs at the bottom of my lemony cuppa yirg, clover-brewed, at chicago's newest intelly. also: nate the finger tries to share. if, say, you were a quality espresso heavyweight, one of the few nicely profitable trinitarian-wave companies with the ability to snap heads around and effect the sort ...

intelly: more than you wanted to know

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

signs your coffee joint is comfortably profitable: orange-paneled la marzoccos and flat-screen order displays looming overhead -- even though the order taker is about as far away as a technical judge at a barista competition. somewhere after the clover-brewed yirgacheffe, before the capp-to-go and in between the macchiato and random ...

“cloud gate” indeed

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

the city of chicago: spending taxpayer millions on controversial public art? ... or spending taxpayer millions propping up intelly's newest nearby location with the most gargantuan display of subliminal advertising known to mankind? this blog reports, you decide.

on the road: sock crust swilling

Friday, May 26th, 2006

how does this blog respond to the peppy fan mail professing a daily affinity for CI snark? why, it lazily punts for five days straight! actually, we are meandering through the unenlightened midwest, where one has a better chance of finding hydrogenated corn-based bio-diesel than decent shottage. a ...

how we gush in the wasteland

Monday, May 1st, 2006

kite day at the beach, from which one might correctly infer a short-lived stay. something about nine-month-olds' ears not tolerating such windspeeds without grave, tedious consequences involving garlic oil and cotton balls... salient gist: more time to cafe loll, chez the rapidly improving muddy waters so recently joshed in these ...

SCAA/USBC: breaking-ish old news here

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

if this blog can't spin a wee bit of intrigue out of the just-posted usbc competitor rankings, then it shan't ever more speak the name of "spuma". * obvious mystery-heightening story line: if not for the judging error re: ryan dennhardt, then eventual champ matt riddle apparently wouldn't have made it ...

SCAA: your one-stop retching here

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

the further the scaa bash recedes, the grumpier this blog gets ... at least that's my excuse! mostly because fond memories have a vexing way of being drowned out by pestilential chest-thumpers and profit mongers. curmudgeonly cause the first: what could be worse than the deafening levels of taunting and self-promoting ...

USBC: the orgy of allusions drags on…

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

rocks, sticks, bling ... now popcorn. a kernel showed up in a puro scuro roast today, oddly enough. which sounds sort of like a caragay special, when you think about it.

SCAA/USBC: subtle advancements

Friday, April 14th, 2006

thursday: best shot all day was scraped from the cypriot's counter. it was just one of those days, where all your limbs feel like warm putty, and if you roll your eyes more than a half-turn to the left you can discern by the intensity of the ache just how ...

SCAA/USBC: amateurs pushing the envelope

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

andy schecter, his grinder, his pressure sculpting device (white box), and the synesso to which it was hooked. to be frank, i was somewhat taken aback at the lack of theorizing over home-junkie andy's pressure-sculpting device. then again, he's had it running for a mere two weeks or so. i've posted ...

USBC: disturbing epithets in foreign tongues

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

does this sound, to you, like someone is making profane comments about this blog? mmm-hmmm. we thought so too. what else could "vinnaren fick" mean? or even "har snyggat," for that matter? see what happens when you suddenly have an audience? this blog misses the old days, when all it ...

USBC: approaching media saturation

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

sure, there are other people who offer vast and well-composed flickr galleries of close-up championship action. but why go there, when you can endure tiny video frames of truncated competition footage so jerky that you might be advised to insert your old retainer to keep from chomping your tongue? at ...